1What is the difference between Publiplas Tents and others?
Our tents are specially designed for the Caribbean Market . Durable, Strong , Resistant to weather conditions are some of the benefits of our tents. Are also very easy to assembly, no tools are required.
2What type of fabric do we use for the tents?
We use Vinyl laminated from 13 to 16 ounces.
3How long do the tents last?
Our tents can last years with continue use if appropriate care is given.
4What is the warranty of the tents?
All of our tents include a 12 months manufacturer defect warranty. This warranty is valid from the date of delivery and for the original purchase only. This limit warranty does NOT cover damages due to neglect, wind snow, fire , misuse or improper cleaning and care.
5How do you wash and care a tent?
¨Clean your tent the way you would clean your car¨ Do use mild detergent or industrial degreaser containing NO Clorox or bleach at all.
6Are the tents wind resistant?
Yes they are in regular weather conditions and can be permanently installed for years. In case of strong winds it is recommendable to use stakes and ropes to provide more stability and in case of Storms, Hurricane and others extreme conditions will recommend to uninstall it.
7Is it possible expedite the production time for a special activity?
Yes, it is. Depending on client´s need we can expedite our normal production time and meet your activity.
8Is it possible to make an order to ship to several destinies?
Yes it is. We offer a free service of segregate or ship your order to some different destinies.
9Is it possible to order some samples, how can I pay for them? Yes you can order a sample and pay via Pay Pal.
Pay Pal only applies for orders of USD$200.00 or less. You don’t need a pay pal account only a valid credit card.
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